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Saffron- The Ultimate Extract

best saffron extractSaffron is a wonderful thing in many ways and has been appreciated by humanity for a long time, way before we began to understand the depths of science. Saffron can aid us in our life long quest to stay in shape and lean all year round.

It is important to maintain a healthy balanced lifestyle and in a way that is not too demanding so we can still lead a fulfilling life without being too strict; that is where the role of saffron comes into it.

Below is a list comprised of THE BEST saffron extract products to help us burn fat and shift any unwanted weight.

  • Saffron Extract Select

First and foremost on our list is trusted brand Saffron Extract Select, proven to help people suffering from obesity which is a common problem in modern society. This great substance can help curb appetite and stop the user from binge eating. Binge eating and snacking are sure-fire ways to gain fat.

 Saffron extract can also stop any cravings for unhealthy junk foods which will promote fat loss from reduction of calories. Many users return to this product after giving great reviews and experiencing even better results. This is a completely natural substance so you can be assured that what you are putting into your body is 100% safe.

In all, it is the best product to help you in your quest for fat metabolization.

  • Saffron Pure

In second place respectively comes Saffron Pure. Another fast and efficient way to kick-start your fat loss and maintain a lean body. Many fat loss products have many additives that can be harmful to the body but Saffron Pure has no artificial compounds.

Many obese people suffer from depression which they make worse by comfort eating in what becomes a vicious circle. Saffron extract can stimulate the brain and release feel good chemicals which can also stave off unwanted cravings.

For those serious about their fitness goals, this is a product to seriously consider.

  • Saffron Extract Premium

Another great contender is this beauty. Saffron Extract Premium has a great following that is backed up by many testimonials. Two great aspects of Saffron extract are the fact it is very cost effective and inexpensive.

For a general sense of well-being, healthy mind and controlled appetite Saffron Extract Premium is highly recommended!

best saffron extractWhen purchasing these products keep in mind that for best results you should incorporate a regular exercise plan to your daily routine.

Maintaining a healthy balanced diet and avoiding junk food will also help with results and make sure to maintain a good balance of fun and social life to maintain a healthy mind throughout the process.

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Supplements That Contain Raspberry Ketones And Its Powerful Health Benefits

raspberry ketoneRaspberry ketones are primarily responsible for causing weight loss. Tested on lab animals in 2005, it was found that ketones can actually facilitate body fat breakdown. Further studies have been conducted to determine the benefits of raspberry ketone, and the results have been really impressive. With more research, it was found that ketones can also help in preventing breast cancer in the long run. Because of such a finding, people have developed an interest for this ingredient found in some nutritional supplements today. However, before taking any dietary aids, one should consult a physician to understand how to take the supplement without being affected by side effects.

Rhubarb Supplements have the Benefits of Ketone

Rhubarb is a natural extract derived from the plat, Rheum officinale. It has several medicinal properties and effects on the body. For instance, it has been identified to be an effective treatment for experimental pancreatitis, according to reports published in the Chinese Journal of Medicinal Materials in January, 2011. It was also found that the pain reason behind this effect was a chemical formula that resembles raspberry ketone. This finding has clarified the anti-inflammatory properties of rhubarb and the chemicals that suppress inflammation.

Facts about Kiwi

Ingesting kiwi or kiwi extracts derived from the kiwi plant (baby plant) can lower cholesterol. This is a supplement that contains several other ingredients, all active, though remains unclear as to which one of them is responsible for the medicinal effects. It is likely that ketones from raspberries play a major role in giving an overall positive effect, which includes body weight. Experiments have shown that ketones found in red raspberries are present in baby kiwi.

Yew Tree Extract

According to ancient healers, the yew tree, also called Taxus baccata, is used for treating heart problems. Supplements made from yew tree can reduce lung inflammation while increasing the capacity of lungs. Scientists have now started identifying all the chemicals offering health benefits through the ingestion of yew. Analyses have shown that, yew also contains ketones in its structure.

raspberry ketoneCaffeine – The Pros and Cons

Coffee, or caffeine, has earned mixed reviews from all spheres. Its effects on our health have also been much debated over the years. Coffee drinkers, however, are known to have lower neurological diseases incidence; in case of diabetes and cancers also, coffee drinkers rank low. However, there are some benefits of coffee that comes from its aroma. There are several chemicals responsible for this odor of coffee, and reports show that the aroma contains ketone-like properties, or ketones in its natural form.

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Weight Loss Tablets: Yes Or No?

When a health expert talks about a healthy body, the first thing that springs to mind is somebody physically lean and athletic in the normal BMI range. People in this category have much less risk of health problems and generally live longer.

People look for ways to help them achieve a lean physique and they often want fast results with no risk and for a small cost. The problem with this is that every method/product on the market claims to be better than the rest.

One of the newer methods is weight loss tablets. Unlike more natural methods; such as herbal anti-oxidants or a change of diet, some argue that they can have certain health risks.

Many do not research the possible side effects and just go for the product promising the fastest results, for that reason we have researched and found the best and safest weight loss tablets on the market today.

  • Zendaslim

Top of our list is Zendaslim! Manufactured in the USA by experts in an FDA certified laboratory, that is a rare thing to come across in the world of weight loss supplements. FDA approval is backed up by much media support and some incredible customer satisfaction.

Zendaslim is the safest weight loss tablet out there. Offering customers a 120 day guarantee with every purchase with 24 hour customer care available. This company are as reputable as can be and are currently offering amazing deal- buy 3 bottles and get 3 bottles free!

weight loss pills

  • Lipofuze

If you need something to help curb your appetite and rid unwanted cravings, whilst at the same time optimizing your fat burning levels, then look no further. Lipofuze requires a small change to your routine that will produce huge benefits!

The 3 active ingredients in Lipofuze are Green Select Phytosome- extracted from green tea and proven to increase the metabolization of unwanted fat cells.

Chromax- A fully patented Chromium Picollinate. This gem supresses hunger and boosts your metabolism.

IrvingaGabnoensis–The technical term for African Mango, this promotes healthy fat loss whilst decreasing fat storage in the body.

Lipofuze prove their credibility with a refund guarantee. RRP is $99.95 but the product is currently on offer at $49.95!!

  • Green Coffee Bean Max

If you feel better knowing the product you are taking is 100% natural, then this one is for you. Recommended by experts with proven results in a matter of days.

As well as increased fat loss you can expect to see improvement in blood sugar regulation AND anti-aging benefits.  Green Coffee Bean Max helps burn fat and also stops it from coming back. Some users have reported losing lbs. of adipose tissue in a matter of days!

At an affordable cost of only $49.95 per month, this product definitely deserved a place on our list.

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What Are The Safety Concerns Of Using Saffron Extract Supplements?

Saffron is known as an expensive spice found in Asian and Middle Eastern countries. It is widely used to prepare various delicacies, which includes sweet dishes too. Due to the fact that it is very difficult to harvest saffron, the price of this plant ingredient has always been very high. Of late, the best saffron extract is being marketed as one of the best weight loss ingredients along with properties that can cure depression.

The process of harvesting saffron requires over 750000 blossoms of saffron to produce one pound of usable ingredient. It is generally used for its attractive yellow color and mild flavor and aroma. Though saffron is slightly bitter in taste, it lends flavor to various dishes.

best saffron extractMedicinal Properties of Saffron Extract

The best saffron extract is nowadays used for its medicinal value. Saffron is a remedy for various ailments, which isn’t something that people discovered very recently. As a matter of fact, saffron has been generally used for treating different diseases for several years. During the past, it was often believed that natural saffron extracts could even improve complexion, enhance exhilaration and wellbeing, and even contribute to virility. There are several purported medicinal benefits of saffron already confirmed by present-day research.

According to latest research and studies, saffron can also reduce the risk of some cancers. It is the best known aid for depression and its symptoms. It has also been considered as an effective remedy against severe discomforts that women normally experience before their menses, and even during the menstrual cycle.

Studies have shown how saffron extract consumption can improve the signs of Alzheimer’s disease and help people to cope up better.

Research has also shown that saffron plays a crucial role in maintaining the immune functions, while it improves macular degeneration. It is also a good aid for blindness and visual changes in the elderly.

Saffron Extract and Weight Loss

The much touted weight loss benefits of saffron extract has gradually come up in a big way. Saffron supplements have suddenly earned the reputation of being one of the best for shedding weight. It also helps to avoid emotional eating by controlling your mind.

Choose Good quality of Saffron

Quality is one of the key factors to determine the effectiveness of this ingredient for treating various health complications. Studies have shown that only good quality saffron can actually produce interesting results. SO, if you are serious about taking saffron supplement, choose the one that contains bioactive components, which assists with memory and learning.

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The Brewing Buzz Over Green Coffee Bean Extracts

How about a new and trendy coffee that tastes butter and unpleasant, but can make you lose weight, would you try? Of course, anyone would try it!

If there’s anything that could help you to lose 5 pounds from the fat sticking to those large hips, defying your entire exercise and diet regime, you would probably jump for it.

Going by facts, dieters are already into it!

Introducing Green Coffee Bean Supplements

Coffee is a beverage that makes our morning beautiful and gives us the energy to get-set-go!

But, here we are talking about green coffee bean supplements, which is quite unlike the coffee we consume as a beverage. Although the source is same, supplement is different from a beverage. Well, green coffee is also available as a beverage, unroasted and raw.

When green coffee bean was introduced for the first time on television, it was reckoned as the “miracle weight loss pill.” With this marketing strategy, sales of green coffee bean supplements increased remarkably, and public also started taking keen interest on the same.

green coffee bean supplementsObesity – An Epidemic

Because obesity has taken the shape of an epidemic that does not show any signs of improvement or slowing, anything that comes to help is chosen. Whilst there are conventional dieting truth and, wisdom holds that eating less can prove to be good, but such things don’t work in the long run. So, you have to resort to a weight loss supplement that will give you good health and respite from unwanted body weight. That’s what green coffee bean does!

Something as unassuming as green beans can actually make you lose weight. It is not an elusive dilemma but the truth. The only painless and quickest way to lose weight is by consuming green coffee bean extract or a supplement.

Could it be Hype?

Possible! But, science says that there is enough evidence to prove that green coffee is actually a miraculous ingredient that can help you to shed fat. It can actually cure your problem of being overweight.

Green Coffee Beans

Practically, green coffee beans aren’t something new on our dieting front. There were many revealing studies related to the diet involving green coffee bean. Nevertheless, some speculation and skepticism still prevails.

Green coffee, to be precise, is unroasted coffee beans. Unroasted or raw coffee beans contain chlorogenic acid, an active ingredient that promotes weight loss. This is the very component that roasted coffee lacks, which makes green coffee bean appropriate and effective as a diet supplement.

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HTP Supplements- A New Level Of Results

http://5htpguide.com/Keeping fit can be an uphill battle at times and often unpredictable as enthusiasm can waver off when we are not seeing any results. It is important to fully understand the supplements we use to aid our quest in achieving the ‘perfect’ body.

HTP supplements are a great way to combat unwanted fat, there are many on the market today. We have comprised a list of the best ones for you to make sure your money is well spent.

  • 5 HTP Max

A great choice for anybody seeking quick and optimal results. 5-HTP Max works by increasing your serotonin levels, which are released by the brain and make us feel good. Serotonin can improve your mood dramatically and halt any urge to binge eat when feeling down.

Serotonin is a powerful neuro-transmitter that regulates many functions in the body. Balanced levels can improve your general sense of well-being.

With no artificial additives this product is manufactured with strict standards in an FDA approved laboratory. 5 HTP Max is made from griffonia extract seed and contains no wheat, soy, eggs or gluten.

5 HTP Max is a solution that has been studied for over 30 years guaranteeing you have a product made with extensive knowledge.

  • 5-HTP Gold

Our second favourite and for good reason. 5-HTP Gold is made from an amino acid known as Oxitriptan derived from the African plant Griffonia Simplicifolia. Oxitriptan is able to promote the synergy of melatonin and serotonin in the body. An improved mood encourages improved physical fitness.

5- HTP Gold can also aid in getting quality sleep at night. Improved activity levels mean we repair our body more efficiently AND burn more fat in our sleep!

The active ingredient-L-5-Hhydroxytryptophan is naturally occurring so there is no fear of additives and is completely gluten free.

A pure source and completely suitable for vegans and vegetarians, this product has a lot to offer you for your money.

  • http://5htpguide.com/Now Foods 5-HTP

We can safely tell you that Now Foods 5-HTP is derived from completely natural sources. Again, the active ingredient is 5-HTP which has been shown to improve weight loss, improve energy levels, increase quality of sleep and raise your mood.

Dosage comes at 100mg a serving, partially comprised of cellulose and rice flour and a guarantee of no nasty side effects. Our only advice is to consult your doctor before taking if you are prescribed any anti-depressant medication.

So there you have it, the best three HTP solutions to help you in your quest to get a lean body. You can rest assured that you now have one less thing to worry about.

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Raspberry Ketones- Which Ones Are The Best?

raspberry ketoneIf you are wondering what exactly are raspberry ketones? Then you have come to the right place! Ketones play a role in the scent of the fruit but they also play a much more important role in our body upon ingestion.  Studies show that raspberry ketones can actually promote a healthy optimisation of your metabolic rate by controlling the levels of Adinopectin in your body. Adinopectin regulates glucose and fatty acids in the system.

Now you know of their importance we can point you in the right direction of which brands are most popular and effective.

  • RKPhase 2

This product offers a natural solution to losing weight with no artificial additives. Each pill contains the recommended dosage of 500 mg for maximum results.

A proven formula recommended by professionals as one of the top herbal solutions on the market today.  With no harmful chemicals you can be assured there is no risk, only benefits such as improved blood circulation to prime your body for quicker weight loss.

RK Phase 2 is a great choice for those wishing to avoid synthetic lab made products. Kudos!

  • Raspberry Ketone Max

This product is another that delivers fast and safe results. If the user of the product combines this with a healthy diet and exercise regimen the benefits will be even greater! Rated second best on the market today; you can expect to notice improved weight loss, increased energy, faster metabolism and a better night’s sleep all in one!

Ketone Max offers 300mg per serving; Scientists have honed the product into its purest form following extensive laboratory research guaranteeing customer satisfaction.

For people on a high fat diet this product can aid you in your quest for fat loss by promoting the burning of fat and preventing fat storage!

Raspberry Ketone max has a reputation that precedes itself with no nasty side effects and is even backed up by major TV channel ABC!

  • Ketone Balance Duo

The third best raspberry ketone product on the market and for good reasons and designed for people wanting a lean cover model body in next to no time, Ketone Balance Duo is combined with green coffee extracts for added fat loss results.

raspberry ketoneEvolution Slimming Ltd is one of the companies at the forefront of Raspberry Ketone development and Ketone Balance Duo proves it.

Raspberry Ketones and green coffee extracts work in synergy to break down unwanted fat and boost the ability to burn extra fat. Taken daily you have the potential to rid up to 30% of your unwanted body fat and excess weight.

You can expect great improvement in energy and increased metabolic rate when you use Ketone Balance Duo.

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The Super Powers Of Green Coffee Bean Extract

The modern world can be a hectic place; with all of our lifestyles and occupations leaving us with little time for relaxation and even less time to stay healthy. Many of us steer towards convenience food as a better way of managing our time. This can be disastrous to our health and lead to unwanted fat gain from junk food.

Not to fear as every problem has a solution. What is that solution you ask? Green coffee bean extract of course! This little gem can improve mental and physical performance whilst stimulating your metabolism and fat burning capabilities!

green coffee bean supplementsWe have comprised a list of the top three supplements out there.

  • Green Coffee Bean Max

This is number one for several reasons! Is your over weight body making it harder and harder to get out of bed in the morning? Well this product can change that. Instead of dreaming of a better body, you can use Green Coffee Bean Max to make that dream a reality.

A natural stimulant and recognised as the best on the market today. It is a perfectly natural solution to the start of your new life.

Users can experience fast results and be happy with what they pay for guaranteed.

  • Xtreme Green Coffee

Being overweight can lead to no confidence and low self-esteem in a society that makes being obese socially unacceptable. Xtreme Green Coffee can tackle those fears of lacking confidence.

This supplement can help boost your metabolic rate and stop the body storing any unwanted fat that can be hard to get rid of. A higher metabolic rate and weight loss will give you much more energy and boost your confidence completely. A healthy body equals a healthy mind.

  • Green Coffee Lipo

Third on our list is this delightful specimen. Green Coffee Lipo can boost your energy levels considerably giving you more energy to exercise which will release endorphins. (The brain produces these chemicals when we exercise that give us stress relief and that much needed feel good factor)

green coffee bean supplementsThese boosted energy levels and increase of exercise are just what the body needs to burn any unwanted bodyfat.

Studies have proven that when combined with a healthy diet plan and exercise regimen you will obtain better results than those who do not use Green Coffee Lipo.

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Coconut Oil For Weight Loss: The New Weight Loss Supplement That Has Made It Big

Majority of people consider some type of weight loss pills for maintaining their body weight and preventing fat gain. There are various purposes of using pills that can help you to lose weight. Similarly, there are many types of pills and supplements too. Whereas some pills are designed to aid weight loss, others are created to prevent hunger (appetite suppressants) or calorie blockers.

weight loss pillsPeople attempt to lose body fat at different points of time in life, often with widely varying degree of success. Whilst manufacturers tend to hawk on the astonishing range of weight loss supplements already available, coconut oil is an outstanding remedy. Coconut oil has markedly found a new position in the field of traditional weight loss pills, with its properties to burn fat.

Coconut Oil Nutrition Profile

Coconut has a very unique nutritional profile compared to most other fruits. Coconut is not classified as a typical fruit but as drapes. It contains high amounts of saturated fat, which represents major differences between other plants and coconut. About ¾ (three quarters) of fats derived from cotton comes as medium chain fatty acids.

What are Medium Chain Fatty Acids?

Medium chain fatty acids present in coconut oil have effective weight loss properties. The weight loss properties of coconut oil are derived from its backbone numbers, which are 8 and 14 carbons. Such compounds have several positive effects in our body, which includes anti-fungal action, improves fat burning and better cardiovascular health.

Oxidation of Fat

The human body has a different way of processing medium chain fatty acids, which lie in right at the center of the fat-burning effect. While most fat would diffuse from our intestine to the lymph, or lymphatic system, before it can slowly reach the circulation, these medium chain fatty acids tend to travel faster and directly through our portal vein , thus reaching form gut to liver. Thus, the liver oxidizes them instantly.

Facts About Coconut Oil for Weight Loss

There are several small studies indicating the effect of coconut oil for weight loss. It suggests that coconut oil may be helpful for reducing hip and waist size. However, it still does not lead improved BMI (Body Mass Index) or significant fat loss.

weight loss pillsBasically tropical oil, coconut oil is made from dried coconut. Proponents hold that it only contains healthy fatty acids, though saturated, which the body burns quickly to produce energy. Freshly extracted coconut oil contains rich medium chain fatty acids that are not stored in our adipose tissue.

However, it is important to note that coconut oil contains higher amount of saturated fat and calories. So, best to watch oil pills you have chosen.

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Is It Good To Take 5HPT In Pregnancy – What Are The Possibilities?

5HTP is no longer an unknown term in the medical and healthcare front. 5-hydroxytrytophan is one chemical precursor required for serotonin, the neurotransmitter responsible for regulating our mood. It is developed by the body using tryptophan, which is a vital amino acid that can be obtained from various sources of food. 5htp can also be obtained from some dietary supplements that contain seeds from the Griffonia simplicifolia tree, found in Africa. Due to its function to raise serotonin levels, supplements for increasing 5htp are often used for curing depression. For pregnant women, it is still contradictory whether or not the use of these supplements would be safe. Follow http://5htpguide.com for more information.

http://5htpguide.com/Contradictions with 5HTP

Different studies and researches have pointed out that certain amount of caution should be maintained when women take 5htp during pregnancy. There is no evidence to prove that it does not have any side effect. So, it is best to take necessary caution so that there is no problem during the testing months of pregnancy. Regardless of your condition, pregnant or women, women should take the supplement with care and following all the safety guidelines. It may not be fit for nursing mothers, people suffering from live problems and children.

If you want to try 5htp for depression and you are already taking an anti-depressant, talk to your doctor first. A combination of these drugs can lead to serotonin syndrome, which is again a life-threatening condition.

Pregnancy and Dietary Supplements

It is very important not to take dietary supplements, whether drugs or herbal preparations, that haven’t been prescribed by your doctor, if you are pregnant. In doing so, you might actually cause more harm to self and the baby. However, only under your doctor’s recommendation can you take a supplement, such as prenatal multivitamin or mineral supplement that will provide folic acid, iron as well as other nutrients, which can prevent nutritional deficiency in the body. If the physician approves, you can also benefit from consuming fish oil supplements that will meet your omega-3 fatty acid requirement in pregnancy.

http://5htpguide.com/Pregnancy and Depression

Even though you should not take 5htp to treat depression in pregnancy, it’s important to mention to your doctor about any signs of depression that you are experiencing in pregnancy. If left untreated, being clinically depressed in pregnancy can become a threat to the health of your baby. It may lead to lower birth weight, premature delivery and certain developmental problems in the baby.


Although 5htp is not available in foods, there are foods that can provide tryptophan – an amino acid used by the body for making 5htp. Eating foods rich in tryptophan can raise the level of serotonin in the body to improve your mood in pregnancy without any dietary supplement.